THIS WEEK: Donald Trump cancels his parade, Omarosa causes White House panic, Alex Jones gets a slap from Twitter & much more!
Donald Trump's Parade Is a No Go
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Trump Cancels Military Parade, Blames D.C. Officials for High Cost
No parade for you! President Donald Trump said Friday that he had canceled a planned military parade this fall in the nation's capital because of the "ridiculously high" price tag given by D.C. officials. A defense official told NBC News that the upper estimate of the cost of the parade was $92 million.
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Donald Trump Calls Omarosa a 'Dog'
Referring to an African-American woman as an animal is not what we expect in the language typically employed by Presidents and at worst a reference that traffics in sexual and racial imagery. Then again, Trump is the President. 
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Donald Trump's diplomatic faux-pas are becoming more and more unsettling. Donald Trump mispronounced Nepal as ‘nipple’ during a briefing ahead of a meeting with the Indian prime minister. Trump is also said to have "laughingly referred" to Bhutan as "button." That POTUS is so funny!

Omarosa reveals audio of Trump campaign aides allegedly discussing potential fallout of N-word. Trump campaign advisers denied on Monday that any conversations took place. It appears to confirm Omarosa's claims that Trump campaign officials were aware of a tape in which then-candidate Trump uses a racial slur, and they talked about how to handle it.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her stunning non-denial that Trump used the n-word. "I can’t guarantee anything," Sanders said at the press briefing Tuesday afternoon when asked if she could assure the American people that they’d never hear a recording of Trump saying the N-word, which Omarosa claims exists. We are in unchartered territory, people.

Trump campaign takes legal action against Omarosa, alleging breach of confidentiality agreement. Manigault Newman's attorney, John Phillips, told NBC News that "at this time, we haven't seen any legal action filed to date and don't have a comment on it." He was bound do something to try and silence her.

Trump makes good on promise and yanks ex-CIA chief John Brennan's clearance. The president had recently threatened to revoke the clearance for Brennan, an outspoken Trump critic. Sanders claimed that the CIA veteran “leveraged his status” to make unfounded allegations. In other words, truths and not lies.

Hundreds of US newspapers denounce Trump's attacks on the press. More than 300 newspapers around the nation joined together to each publish editorials that explained the role of journalists and amplified the positive role journalism plays in society. Of course, Trump accused the Boston Globe (who organized the "event") of "collusion with other papers" after the news outlet coordinated a nationwide effort to publish editorials pushing back against the president's attacks on the press.

Donald Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle have cringe-worthy pet names for each other. But would you expect any less from them?
Omarosa Was Taping Everything in the White House
The former Apprentice contestant released a tape from 2017 that shows President Trump being seemingly surprised when being told that she had been fired by John Kelly from her White House position. Omarosa reportedly has given copies of her taped conversations with Trump to family members for safekeeping in the event that she is murdered and is taking meetings in disguise. That seems a little extreme, but these are the times that we live in.
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Sacha Baron Cohen had two doozies on this week's Who Is America? In a conversation about fascists and anti-fascists, which took place while Cohen's Finnish YouTuber character "unboxed" toys, ex Sheriff David Clarke ended up telling Cohen that "you don't want to take sides" regarding fascists in 1930s Germany. Then this happened. Cohen tricked the leader of a pro-gun group into putting a sex toy in his mouth as part of a fake defense strategy to survive beheadings.

An 11-year-old hacked replica of election website within 10 minutes. We are fucked.

Christine Hallquist makes history, becoming the first openly transgender candidate nominated for governor by a major party in the United States. Well done, Vermont

Meet Florida Legislature candidate Melissa Howard. She is being accused of lying about graduating from college and then producing a fake diploma after a website questioned her about it. The school also says the diploma she produced doesn't match those issued in 1994 or 1996, the years she has claimed she graduated, or any year. The Republican businesswoman is running in the Aug. 28 primary. She has admitted faking the diploma, and has now dropped out of the race.

F.B.I. agent Peter Strzok, who criticized Trump in texts, is fired. In a statement, Mr Strzok's lawyer, Aitan Goelman, said that the firing had been ordered by FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich on Friday. Mr Strzok, a 22-year veteran of the department, had exchanged anti-Trump texts with FBI lawyer Lisa Page, with whom he had an affair, during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump's fans will just read this as a credibilty loss to the Mueller investigation.

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has rejected an effort by a Russian company to get charges brought by special counsel Robert Mueller dismissed. Judge Dabney Friedrich, a Trump nominated judge, who serves at the trial-court level in DC federal court, said Concord Management and Consulting could not have its case tossed on constitutional grounds.

Stephen Miller's uncle calls him an "immigration hypocrite" in a new column. Miller’s uncle, David S. Glosser, a retired neuropsychologist, wrote in Politico: "If my nephew’s ideas on immigration had been in force a century ago, our family would have been wiped out." That sounds about right.

Report reveals widespread sexual abuse by over 300 priests in Pennsylvania. The report detailed decades of alleged misconduct and cover-ups in six of the state's eight Roman Catholic dioceses. One priest in the Diocese of Harrisburg abused five sisters in a single family. Another, in the Diocese of Greensburg, impregnated a 17-year-old girl, married her, then divorced her months later.

Ben Carson has officially taken the steps to make housing as segregated as possible in America. Until now, he was blocking the July 2015 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, which was to ensure neighborhoods were not segregated. Now Carson wants to completely dismantle the rule.

Twitter gives Alex Jones a slap on the wrist. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has decided to temporarily limit Alex Jones’s twitter account, describing it as a "timeout" and saying that "Any suspension, whether it be a permanent one or a temporary one, makes someone think about their actions and their behaviors."

The FCC shuts down Alex Jones’ flagship radio station. At least temporarily.  
School Closed After Parents Declare "Hunting Season" on 12-Year-Old Transgender Student
"A good knife will do the job." Bryan County Sheriff Johnny Christian said Tuesday his office started investigating over the weekend after adults made threatening comments on Facebook about a 12-year-old transgender girl using a public girls' bathroom at Achille Public Schools, about 160 miles southeast of Oklahoma City and near the Texas border.
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Beauty shop owner p‌un‌ch‌es woman in face in front of children in dis‌tur‌bin‌g video. One of the woman's children in the video, walked out of the store with a keychain. The woman allegedly caught the child with the keychain and returned it. However, the man "followed her out of the store harassing her and telling her that she needed to keep a better eye on her kids." They exchange words and then he punches the woman in the mouth.

Company tells woman via email that her "ghetto" name eliminates her from job consideration. Hermeisha Robinson posted the image of the email she received from an employee with Mantality Health to her Facebook account on Monday. After applying for a customer service representative position, she was “hurt”’ to read the company’s reply. Mantality Health did not deny the emails were sent, but police are looking into the possibility that they may have been the work of a disgruntled employee who hacked its job posting account on Indeed.

Electric scooters are taking over the world. This is not a good thing.

Houston restaurant faces boycott after saying it was an "honor" to serve Jeff Sessions. Well done boycotters.

MoviePass users have trouble canceling, company calls it a bug. MoviePass needs to die.

Just your ordinary dad who hunts Russian trolls after the kids go to bed.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is finally exploring reforms that could minimize social bubbles and label bots. 
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